About JumpIN

The Most Efficient Way For Growth Companies & Direct Investors To Meet

Jumpstart Innovation & Investment (JumpIN) connects Investors with Growth Companies that are raising capital. 


JumpIN assembles 50-200+ Active Investors, and up to 15 exciting growth companies on a monthly basis, for invitation-only dinners/luncheons at high-end venues across the US. 

Investors in the JumpIN network include; high net worth individuals, prominent angel groups, family offices, venture capital firms, hedge funds, and private equity firms.

Participating companies, featuring new breakthrough technologies and innovative business models, have been pre-screened to address the "common sense" criteria of value, proof of concept, proprietary edge, competitive advantage and potential for success applied venture capitalists, investment partnerships, private equity funds, and Small Business Investment Corporations.
The JumpIN Team works closely with selected company participants to prepare their presentations and finalize investments following the events. 


In addition to presenting "one-of-a-kind" private investment opportunities, the prestigious venue and gourmet dining make JumpIN an ideal setting for new business development, exchange of ideas, creation of deal flow, location of capital sources and ultra high-end networking.
Note that the majority of the companies that are featured at JumpIN are nominated and/or have been funded by well-regarded investment groups. These firms have included Google Ventures, Capital 2 Market, Hudson Ventures, Westchester Angels, J P Morgan, CitiGroup Investments, Grosvenor Funds, Core Capital, CIT Venture Capital, Sunrise Capital Partners, Davis Tuttle, Fusion Capital, Nokia Ventures, MDT Advisors, Marathon Capital, New York City Investment Fund, CapEx (SBIC), IDP Investments and Davenport Capital Ventures.




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